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At Teel Painting, Inc. we manage every detail of your exterior project for you. Whether it’s commercial or residential, interior or exterior painting you can expect top quality workmanship and products with a meticulous touch.

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Benefits of Exterior Painting

When you hire us to paint your exterior property, your home or building will be transformed. Some of the benefits of a new coat of paint include:

Extends the life of your wood or even vinyl siding – Vinyl Siding should last up to 50 years. However everyday wear and tear can cut down on that lifetime. Painting can help not only to keep vinyl siding looking fresh, but also extends the life and keeps your money in your pocket.

Prevents termite Damage – Painting or staining seals the exterior and exposed substrates that are prone to damage from termites and other wood-eating pests.

Maintains structural integrity – Unprotected wood is much more susceptible to water damage. If your wood surfaces are not maintained properly and go unprotected, they can absorb water from rain and moisture and begin to soften, swell and decay. The end result will be more money out of your pocket to replace the wood substrates. Mold and mildew can also break down the structural integrity of your property’s wood surfaces.

Protects your home from hot summers and harsh Winters. – From the baking sun and UV Rays, Cold Winters, and possibly even salt if you’re close to the ocean; A fresh protective coating adds a barrier between your structure and the exterior elements.

Advantages of Painting Stucco on your home:

Seals Out Moisture 

After it rains, you may notice that your stucco absorbs water and becomes darker until it dries. When you paint stucco, the paint completely seals the substrate, so moisture won’t penetrate it. This allows your color to remain consistent even on a very rainy day. 

While it’s true that stucco is well-known for absorbing moisture, painting stucco with the right paint can ensure it stays waterproofed and damp spots are kept at bay. Paint manufacturers have developed special exterior painting systems for stucco in order to make it even more weather resistant. Preventing moisture from entering stucco can help your home maintain an attractive appearance for many years. 

Never let a Paint Company oversell you on the most expensive paint for your stucco! It is important a “breathable” paint is applied more than anything. Selecting a “Breathable” Paint that also has excellent moisture protection is the key 

Covers Stains 

You probably see water and rusting stains running in vertical lines on your stucco (usually beneath window frames). Painting stucco can block and cover these stains. When painted by professionals, stains won’t reappear for years on the new paint surface! 

Fills Hairline Cracks 

Do you have a lot of cracks in your stucco? This damage will only become a bigger problem with time. When left unpainted, chunks of stucco will pop out and costly repairs will be needed. Painting your home with high-quality thick paint can fill these hairline cracks naturally with the paint film. 

It’s important to note that professional painters will need to fill larger cracks in stucco with high-quality elastomeric caulking and/or masonry patching prior to painting. Because stucco is porous, and the crack filler needs to be flexible, caulking a large crack won’t blend perfectly. But this process will help the crack blend a lot better with the paint color and help it look much better! Make sure your Painting Contractor is applying primer on all patching and is stated in the contract. 

Provides Better Curb Appeal 

The best way to make a stucco home stand out on the curb is by refreshing it with fresh coats of paint. Whether you are in the market to sell your house, or just want to keep your home looking great for generations, painting stucco is a simple solution for improving the appearance of your exterior walls. The right stucco paint can speak to your visitors, homebuyers, and neighbors as it creates an extremely attractive, classic look that stands the test of time. It is one of the most cost-efficient ways to improve the value of your home! 

Resists UV Rays 

If you live in a hot, sunny climate, ultraviolet rays can reduce the durability of your exterior stucco which can lead to structural damage and cracks in masonry. When structural changes occur, they greatly impair the functionality of stucco. Painting your stucco helps keep exterior walls properly insulated and protected by deflecting damaging UV rays. 

Flexibility with Paint Color 

One of the greatest advantages of stucco is that you can paint it a variety of colors to suit your preferences and complement your landscaping. Whether you want to paint your stucco in traditional earth tones, a darker hue than your existing stucco color, or go bold and bright, you can paint well-maintained stucco any shade you wish. Depending on the type and age of your stucco, professional painters will usually recommend the following: 

  • A flat is our top recommendation but there are certain circumstances where a sheen may be beneficial. 
  • A regular two (2) coat exterior paint process with 100% acrylic flat (sometimes a primer and topcoat). 
  • Elastomeric coatings, which are very flexible and can stretch (only recommended for certain circumstances). 

The paint applied on your stucco generally needs to be “Breathable”. There are some exceptions to this depending on your environment. Once an estimator comes out to your house from Teel Painting, Inc he/she will discuss the best options for you.

Why Hire Us

Teel Painting, Inc., is a full-service painting company that can handle any exterior job you may have for us. In addition to exterior painting, we can also handle:

New Construction

Floor & Deck Coatings

Acrylic and oil-based finishes

Stucco Repair

Industrial Coatings

Professional Color Consultation

Pressure Washing

Wall Coverings

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