Commercial Painting

At Teel Painting, Inc. we understand how important it is to make your commercial painting experience as comfortable as possible. Hiring us for your next painting project means that extra precautions will be taken to protect your property. You can trust that a professional staff of painters will properly prepare surfaces, cover and protect areas not to be painted, thoroughly clean up each day and apply product according to the best industry standards!

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Benefits of Commercial Painting

When you hire us to paint your commercial space, your business is transformed. Some of the benefits of our commercial painting services include:

Increases property value and appearance

It creates a more inviting atmosphere that will attract more clients and/or tenants

Protecting the exterior substrates of your commercial building will keep more money in your pocket in the long run. In beautiful southern California we have constant sun throughout the year that causes more maintenance. It’s important to have a quality paint that has excellent UV Protectants that will help maintain your property. By repainting the exterior of your building the substrates will be more protected from rain, ice, colder temperatures and the heat. Would you rather replace the wood, metal and/or have extreme stucco repairs. These issues can also lead to leaks and deeper issues.

Why Hire Us

Choosing a company that has exceptional warranties is a key factor! 

Please ask us about some of the latest products that will suit the needs of you and your property the best. 

In addition to exterior painting, we can also handle:

New Construction

Floor & Deck Coatings

Acrylic and oil-based finishes

Stucco Repair

Industrial Coatings

Professional Color Consultation

Pressure Washing

Condos & HOA's

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